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Αrmonia Villa is the perfect retreat for guests who envision a dream holiday overlooking a post-card worthy scenery, in an unrivalled location enhanced by modern comforts cleverly blended with a classical layout.

Amid the rolling hills and lush countryside of the island of Aegina, less than 90 minutes away from the port of Athens. Set on gated grounds, Armonia Villa truly is your private estate. Ideal for a holiday exploring the region with friends, a family gathering or a memorable wedding.

This luxurious sunset villa, boasts a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea, seven different islands and the Peloponnese mountains shimmering in the distance.

The villa may feel miles from the ordinary, but it’s only a 5-minute drive from Perdika village, restaurants and relaxing beaches. Also well worth exploring are the temple of Aphaia, which served as an inspiration for the architects of the Parthenon, 25 minutes away; the nearby island of Moni, a hidden paradise, 20 minutes away; the beaches of Vagia, Klima and Ayia Marina.


Invite guests to an exceptional and exclusive private vacation experience.



Villa Armonia is absolutely safe for families seeking for a comfortable villa in a lovely island easily accessible to Athens.



Friends find in Villa Armonia a stylish holiday home to house their carefree nights and days on the island.


VIP Guests

The lavish premises of Villa Armonia become the luxurious retreat for the VIP traveller to Greece.


Weddings & Events

Villa Armonia is the ideal setting for your event, wedding reception, party, corporate event. The location and the size of the Villa can accommodate your needs dealing with all the necessary arrangements such as wedding planners, catering, dj, etc.


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